To forget one's ancestors
    is to be a brook without a source,
                        a tree without a root.                        
     Chinese Proverb

Our Crippen Family History (As we know it)

The year is 1880, Emma(21) and George(25) Crippen are married and living in the household with three of their children: Catharine (3), Betsey (2) and Maggie (3mos). 
The census of 1900 shows Emma as living in Accomack County, Leemont with her children: Emma, Eva, George, Jerome, Leonard, Florence, Bertie and Minnie. George Crippen is no longer shown in the household. Emma is a widow. The census also shows that Emma was married to George for 25 years.
Emma had 16 children. As of the year 1900, thirteen of her children were still living. Through much research, we have been able to identify twelve children.
1.      Etta
2.      Catharine
3.      Bettie
4.  Maggie
5.      Emma
6.      George
7.      Jerome
8.      Leonard
9.      Eva
11.Bertha (Bertie)
The census of 1910 shows Minnie Crippen as living in an orphanage in Baltimore, MD. 
Mother Emma Crippen no longer appears on the census records. This infers that she died some time between the years 1900 and 1910.
Emma and George Crippen’s immediate family consisted of mostly girls. Through marriage, the Crippen surname as crossed over into other surnames: Tyler, Holden, Swain, White, Gabbin, Knox, Johnson, Thomas, English, Drummond, Bailey, Flottman, Redmon, Hill, Hodge, Palmer. 
Members of our Crippen family moved to various states: Buffalo NY, Atlantic City NJ, Gloucester NJ, Baltimore MD, Elkridge MD, Bowie MD, New Haven CT, Wilmington DE, Philadelphia PA, and Texas.
While many members of the Crippen family remained in Accomack and Onancock, Virginia and others migrated to various states; it seems that we became distant cousins due to the lack of oral history. Many of our ancestors were not able to read or write in the mid 1800s and early 1900s.
As you flip through the pages of our Crippen family website, please feel free to submit photos and/or any forms of documentation that reflect our family’s history.
Picture of a Fulani young woman
Picture of a Fulani young woman

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